Top Laravel SaaS Boilerplates for 2024

Published on: | Author: Thaha Wahid

As a Laravel enthusiast or developer embarking on building the next great SaaS application, one of the first hurdles you encounter is the foundational setup. Thankfully, the Laravel ecosystem is rich with SaaS boilerplates that aim to save you time and headaches. After diving deep into the current offerings, I've gathered a list of various Laravel SaaS boilerplates to help you make an informed decision for your project. Let’s break them down one by one.

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Comparison Table of Top Laravel SaaS Boilerplates

Feature Spark Wave Launch Stack Lara Fast Tenancy For Laravel SaaS Themes Electrik
Pricing Single $99
Unlimited $199
FREE Single $99
Unlimited $299
Starter $99
Full $199
Personal $899
Standard $199
Enterprise $379
One Theme $97
Ten Themes $297
Laravel Version 10 10 10 10 10 10 9
Authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Profile User Profile User Profile, User Impersonation, User Roles User Profile, Team Management User Profile User Profile User Profile, User Roles, Team Management
Subscription Plans Yes + Per Seat Billing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment Gateways Stripe, Paddle, Paypal Support Paddle, Stripe (Not Officially, there is a PR, People seem to have made it work) Stripe, Paddle Stripe, LemonSqueezy Stripe Stripe Stripe
Admin Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes - Nova License Needed Yes
Themes Yes Yes Yes
Blog Yes Yes Yes
Extras API, Notification, Announcement API, i18n, Dark Mode, Social Login, Notification, User Onboarding, User Feedback Built in SEO, Open AI Ploi, Domain Management Resend, Simple Analytics Notification, Banner, Toasts
Note This is primarily a Multi-tenant SaaS boilerplate. So not a like for like comparison Very little information Available
Used Along With Laravel Breeze/Jetstream, Laravel Cashier Voyager, Laravel Notifications Laravel Fortify, Filament PHP, Daisy UI Laravel Cashier, Nova (Need License) Spatie Permissions
Support 1 Year Included Devdojo Pro Account $15/Month 1 Year Included
$149/yr after 1 year
Lifetime for Full & Personal

Laravel Spark

Spark is designed as a comprehensive recurring billing solution for Laravel, offering a starter kit packed with features necessary for SaaS applications.

Laravel Version:10

Unique Selling Points: Developed by Taylor Otwell, the mind behind Laravel, Spark is an official first-party package.


Price:$99 for a single project, $199 for unlimited projects.

Links: Official Website Taylor Otwell on 𝕏


Wave is a versatile SaaS framework built on Laravel, designed to provide developers with the tools they need to build a fully functional SaaS application quickly.

Laravel Version: 10

Unique Selling Points: Wave is an open-source project, allowing free use without any upfront costs. It stands out as the only boilerplate that includes user impersonation, which is super-useful when debugging issues for your users.


Price: Free, with premium support available for $15/month by joining the DevDojo Pro account.

Links: Official Documentation GitHub Repository Creator Tony Lea on 𝕏

Launch Stack

Launch Stack provides SaaS boilerplate themes optimized for Laravel, TailwindCSS and Vue 3, making it an excellent choice for developers looking to kickstart their SaaS application with a focus on design and functionality.

Laravel Version: 10

Unique Selling Points: Paulo offers quick replies via chat, and Launch Stack provides the most features for the price.


Price: $99 for one project, $299 for unlimited projects.

Links: Official Website Creator Paulo Castellano on 𝕏

Tenancy For Laravel

Tenancy For Laravel offers a fully featured Laravel application skeleton designed specifically for building sophisticated multi-tenant applications.

Laravel Version: 10

Unique Selling Points: It caters to a broad range of multi-tenancy requirements, including multi-domain and multi-database tenancy, providing customers with subdomains by default and the option to add their own second-level domains.


Price: Standard package at $199 and Premium package at $379, with discounts available for low-income countries to support small startups.

Links: Official Website Samuel Ε tancl on 𝕏 GitHub Repository

SaaS Themes

SaaS Themes provides a collection of boilerplate themes specifically designed for Laravel and Tailwind applications.

Laravel Version: Laravel 10

Features: Due to limited information available on their website, the full scope of features SaaS Themes offers is not entirely clear. However, the known features include:

Price: $97 for access to one theme, and $297 for access to all ten themes.

Links: Official Website Simon on 𝕏 Alberto on 𝕏


Electrik is a free and open-source Laravel starterkit that gives you everything you need to start building a SaaS product.

Laravel Version: Laravel 9

Unique Selling Points: Electrik's USP is its commitment to being 100% open-source. However, it's important to note that it currently supports up to Laravel 9.


Price: As an open-source project, Electrik can be used entirely for free.

Links: Official Website GitHub Repository Neeraj Sohal on 𝕏

Upcoming Laravel SaaS Boilerplates

The Laravel ecosystem is continually evolving, with new SaaS boilerplates on the horizon that promise to offer fresh and innovative tools for developers. I found these both releasing soon.

Not Maintained Laravel SaaS Boilerplates

While the following Laravel SaaS boilerplates once offered valuable resources to developers, they are no longer actively maintained. If you're considering using them, be aware of potential compatibility issues with newer Laravel versions or dependencies.